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Subliminal programs are recordings of the experiences that have occurred in your life.

All of your memories have been recorded in your mind below your conscious awareness.

Subliminal Programs 

The impact on your life and how they work

by Albert Campbell

Foreward to subliminal programs

About your Mind. Your mind is divided into two brains, what I am referring to is not the right brain / left brain. What I am talking about is your conscious mind, the part of your mind that you use to decide what you want and what you are going to do, and your subconscious mind which supplies your conscious mind with the necessary information to make any decision or choice that you may wish to make. Your subconscious is a vast storehouse of everything that you have experienced in your life. Everything that all of your senses sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, whatever you have experienced in your life, is stored here, these memories are used to create the habits that run your life. Your habits are running in the background automatically, using your thoughts and memories stored in your subconscious to support and affirm them. Your behavior and emotions are there also linked to your thoughts and your memories that have been continuously recorded since the day that you were born. Most of your habits have been repeated so many times that they are automatic, you don’t even have to think about them, you just do it, and you may not or are unable to recognize that it is a habit. When you do recognize that you have a habit that you wish to change, it seems almost impossible to change or remove that habit. How you think and feel about changing your habit is met with strong opposition from your subconscious, because you may be entering a place that is out of bounds for your subconscious, any new changes make your subconscious mind creates a path back to what it feels is safe. And so, your subconscious will use self-defeating behaviors to try to protect you and keep you to where your subconscious mind feels you are safe. You have the power to re-program your subconscious mind and imprint into your mind a new outcome for your life. To initiate a change using affirmations, you will need to supply enough affirmations to override your current thoughts which will enable you to change the way you think about a goal, habit, or desire. It does not matter what it is, you can reach a goal, overcome a habit and reach a desire with affirmations.

Introduction to subliminal programs

Subliminal programs consist of messages which are recorded below our conscious awareness’s Absolute Threshold Level (ATL). The word Subliminal literally means ” existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness.” if it goes above the threshold line then it is referred to as supraliminal. The first thing we need to understand is that even if we look for it, we cannot become consciously aware of subliminal stimuli. The first documented use of Subliminal messaging was in the movie “picnic” where James Vicary flashed some advertisements after every 5 seconds that were undetectable by the conscious mind. Absolute threshold: Absolute threshold is associated with the lower level of stimulation that we can sense, whether it would be visual, auditory, or olfactory, for example. External stimuli that fall below ATL cannot be spotted consciously. On the other hand, the stimuli that rise above the ATL can be detected. The key issue we must acknowledge is that subliminal perception is thought to be the result of an intentionally designed communication channel conducted to create a response, causing people to do things they would not commonly do. In short, both perception and response to subliminal programs occur at the subconscious level. Thus these subliminal programs are designed at a high level in order to reach the mind of man. These subliminal programs take the help of music and images to work for men’s minds. The center of the body where the subliminal programs work is the nervous system mainly consisting of the brain. These audios work because they bypass your conscious mind and pass it thru to the subconscious mind.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to subliminal programs
  2. The Science behind subliminal programs
  3. How to use subliminal programs
  4. Effects of subliminal programs
  5. Do subliminal programs work?
  6. How Do Subliminals work?
  7. Methods of Influencing the Subliminal Mind
  8. Real-Life Examples of Subliminal Advertising
  9. Real-Life Testimonies
  10. Pros and Cons of subliminal Programs


Introduction to subliminal programs

 Subliminal programs consist of messages recorded below our conscious awareness’s Absolute Threshold Level (ATL). The word Subliminal means ” existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness.” if it rises above the threshold line, it is referred to as supraliminal. We need to understand that even if we look for it, we cannot become consciously aware of subliminal stimuli. The first documented use of Subliminal messaging was in the movie “picnic,” where James Vicary flashed some advertisements every 5 seconds, undetectable by the conscious mind. Absolute threshold: Absolute threshold is associated with the lower level of stimulation that we can sense, whether visual, auditory, or olfactory, for example. External stimuli that fall below ATL cannot be spotted consciously.

On the other hand, the stimuli that rise above the ATL can be detected. The critical issue we must acknowledge is that subliminal perception is thought to be the result of an intentionally designed communication channel conducted to create a response, causing people to do things they would not commonly do. In short, both perception and response to subliminal programs occur at the subconscious level. Thus, these subliminal programs are designed at a high level to reach man’s mind. These subliminal programs take the help of music and images to work for men’s minds. The body’s center where the subliminal programs work is the nervous system, mainly consisting of the brain. These subliminal programs use frequencies that bypass the conscious brain and deliver them to the subconscious mind, affecting it according to its memory.


The Science behind subliminal programs

 Subliminal programs are not just illusions but have proof by researchers and scientists to work. Subliminal messages affect the thoughts and habits stored in your mind; hence there is proof that it works faster than any other natural method. However, in recent decades, the outlook of subliminal programs has shifted slightly. Subliminal programs can influence our thoughts and behavior, according to new research. According to scientific research, some conditions are required to reach the purpose of subliminal programs.

Conditions number 1: A person must meet the outcome of a subliminal program. For instance, a person who feels hungry will be influenced by an image of food in an advertisement.

Condition number 2: people have a strong belief in the subliminal programs. Many people complain that they haven’t seen any changes after using subliminal programs. The reason behind this is not believing in the subliminal. According to researchers, subliminal programs have messages below the threshold that affect the mind, and the person reaches the goal.

Subliminal programs, such as “Stop Procrastination,” will have a positive outcome of getting it done; the proof is in the results by both the users, scientists, and researchers.


How to use subliminal programs

Here is a guide for you to use subliminal programs safely

  • There is no need to use earphones/headphones/earbuds when you tune in to a subconscious sound program. You would prefer not to reinvent the psyche brains of others around you. On the off chance that you are separated from everyone else in the room, it is alright to play them on speakers. Everyone who hears the subliminal messages will be affected
  • Listen to a subliminal audio program at least 2 to 3 times each day or more. Ensure you don’t tune in for over 8 hours every day as this may cause dazedness and migraine
  • You can tune in to upwards of 5 subliminal programs at a time. Simply ensure you tune in to every one of them for at least 21 days to see the outcomes.
  • Tune in to each subconscious sound for at least 21 days since it requires at least 21 days to change a propensity, and listen for 63 days for longer-lasting results
  • For quicker outcomes, envision the normal outcomes as though they are going on or as of now occurred in your existence. Envision as though you experience the outcomes right now.
  • Stay positive at whatever point you tune in. Listening may help you feel positive ideas contained in this subconscious.
  • Continuously hydrate or drink water regularly when you tune in to this sound program. Keep yourself hydrated as listening to subliminal programs can be intellectually and truly depleting.
  • Try not to daydream about the outcomes when you tune in. Treat Listening to these subliminal as a customary action. Try not to ask when you will encounter the outcomes as uncertainty and the sensation of vulnerability invalidate the ideas contained in the subconscious
  • You can listen to the subconscious programs at night and while you rest.
  • Do not use them while driving.
  • Do not operate machinery or drive when there are others around you on the grounds that the ideas may impact their inner mind.
  • You may continue to perform multiple tasks as you listen to your subliminal program.
  • For quicker outcomes, utilize this apparatus close to different instruments that can viably reinvent your subliminal like entrancing, clairvoyance, guided perception, and making a move


Effects of subliminal programs

 Subliminal programs work at the subconscious level, they affect the thoughts which are either imaginary the creative form of thoughts and habits or basic behaviors. Tapping into the subconscious with a subliminal program is like upgrading your mind, changing your thoughts – changing your life. Close examination of subliminal messages has shown that small subconscious improvements can just trigger actions intended to alter behaviors or habits with the ability to target specific actions. 95 percent of all activities are driven subconsciously, your life is set up to respond a particular way, taking actions that have been pre-programmed by your environment. Things that boost how effective the influence of subliminal messages is. For instance, assuming the objective is to sell a drink, a subconscious message for a certain beverage is probably going to impact which beverage to buy a certain drink on the shelf. The subliminal messages can likewise impact the objective to choose one item over other routinely picked items. If the subconscious message is for an item that isn’t needed on the off chance that there is no desire for it, the messages will have almost no effect. Individuals that recognize they are making choices that are subconscious behaviors can modify activities to change their habits. When you are prepared to catch a spur-of-the-moment action, individuals who have become aware will be able to utilize the choice regardless of whether they are given a free decision between picking their usual or the advertised item. However, an investigation of numerous solid articles showing the viability of subconscious information uncovered its consequences for genuine buyer buying decisions between two options are not measurably significant; however, repeating information to the subconscious mind is successful in altering purchasing choices.


Do subliminal programs work?

 The answer to this question is yes, but the answer to this question varies different for different users, for example, a stop smoking subliminal program may not have an effect on a non-smoker. Many users have a positive or negative view that may be a result of being aware of subliminal programs being used in their space. Still, many people tend to use these programs in order to get peace, obtain goals and improve their lives. To summarize, subliminal messaging works best when it taps into an already existing desire. If we are not currently experiencing whatever need or goal the subliminal message addresses, it is likely to be very ineffective. The effectiveness of subliminal programs depends upon the desire and belief of the user. When subliminal influences do occur, they can be brief which means they are not long-lasting, however when there is repeated exposure can create a permanent change. According to a study published in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness, a single influence can last about 25 minutes. For example, a single subliminal ad can be aimed at getting people off the couch and into a store, on the other hand, are unlikely to be effective, a single message isn’t that strong o force someone to take action. Thus it is clear that repeated use of subliminal programs works, thus we have advertising and marketing companies that rely on selling and creating needs for certain items.


How Do Subliminals work?

There are five points of the human body where subliminal programming takes place. These five senses make it possible for us to reach our goals and desires. Here is the list of senses:

  • Sound: use of audios. These waves of messages affect thoughts and behaviors.
  • Touch: the subliminal programs based on some objects that are to be touched for effect.
  • Taste: the object must be tasted by the tongue
  • Smell: the nose in order to get the fragrance into the nose.
  • Sight: the items are visually recorded by watching them.

Your subconscious is a storehouse of subliminal programs recorded from all parts of your body. We know that we use the information recorded in our subconscious to make decisions.


Methods of Influencing the Subliminal Mind

In subconscious upgrades research, the limit is the level at which the member doesn’t know about the boost being presented. Researchers decide an edge for the improvement that is utilized as the subconscious upgrade. That boost is then introduced during the examination eventually and measures are taken to decide the impacts of the improvement. The manner by which concentrates operationally characterize edges relies upon the techniques for the specific article. The strategy of the examination additionally shifts by the kind of subconscious upgrade.

  • Here are some working methods of the subliminal programs:


    • Images: A visual stimulus. People saw slides of individuals performing natural everyday exercises in the wake of being presented with either a sincere scene, like a heartfelt couple or little cats, or an adverse scene, like a werewolf or a dead body between each slide, the conscious mind cues a judgment about each slide. People were also intentionally exposed to a blaze of light, the members showed more sure character. Viewing slides that are positive in nature created positive thoughts whereas negative results produced negative results. Notwithstanding the measure between receiving different degrees of positive or negative influences produces like results
    • Geometric stimuli: Lab research on oblivious discernment frequently utilizes basic upgrades (e.g., mathematical shapes or shadings) in which deceivability is constrained by visual masking. Masked boosts are then used to make preparations of thusly introduced target improvements. For example, in the reaction preparing worldview, members need to react to an objective boost (for example by distinguishing whether it is a precious stone or a square) which is quickly gone before a covered preparing upgrade (additionally a jewel or a square). The prime effects reactions to the objective: it speeds reactions when it is steady with the objective and eases back reactions when it is conflicting. Reaction preparing impacts can be separated from visual consciousness of the prime, for example, whenever prime ID execution is a possibility, or when preparing impacts increment regardless of diminishes in prime deceivability. Method of working of subliminal
    • Verbal and non-verbal stimuli: Another type of visual boost is words and non-words. In a bunch of tests, words and non-words were utilized as subconscious primes. Preparing improvements that work best as subconscious upgrades are words that have been ordered a few times before they are utilized to prime. Word primes can likewise be produced using portions of rehearsed words to make new words. For this situation, the real word used to prime can have the contrary importance of the words it came from (its “folks”), yet it will in any case prime for the significance of the parent words. Non[1]words made from recently rehearsed upgrades have a comparable impact, in any event, when they are unpronounceable (for example made, everything being equal). These primes commonly just increment reaction times for later upgrades for a brief timeframe (milliseconds).
    • Emotions booster: Subconscious boosts can inspire critical enthusiastic changes, however, these progressions are not important for a restorative effect. Students who were exposed to spiders experienced 1 of 3 outcomes positive, negative, or unaffected. Followed promptly by images of bugs or snakes. Utilizing visual simple steps, the participants evaluated the emotional nature of the images. The participating members evaluated the bugs as being more terrifying subsequent to being exposed with a negative boost; however, the occasion was not found in participants with a positive boost.
    • Auditory subliminal: There are two forms of audio prompts: subaudible and backmasking. Subaudible messages are low-volume messages embedded into stronger sound documents with the goal that they can’t be heard. Backmasking is a video message recorded in reverse with the goal that the first message is camouflaged when playing it forward


Real-Life Examples of Subliminal Advertising

  • Pepsi and coca-cola subliminal ads: This is subconscious informing at its center – unpretentious, yet shrewd. Pepsi delivered the picture on the left and Coca-Cola reacted with the picture on the right. Pepsi’s unique advertisement is subconscious in that it makes the watcher think and laughs a piece: it’s entertaining to propose that getting a Coke when you needed a Pepsi is terrifying. Coca-Cola’s reaction is awesome, also, and turns into an incredible learning instrument: some of the time, the slogan truly makes the picture.
  • Subliminal audios to setting and achieving positive goals: there are many audios on the internet that promise to influence your actions in achieving goals by just listening to the subliminal audios. Similarly, there are many subliminal audios for pains, peace, and weight loss journey.
  • The amazon logo: it is a website that sells all the objects around the world. The secret message here is basic: Amazon sells everything, from start to finish. It helps, obviously, that Amazon really sells everything. It’s not pushy or sales, it’s simply a shift of the directions across the board. The reality the bolt additionally frames a grin doesn’t do any harm, all things considered.
  • The hidden name of the company of TOYOTA: the logo mainly consists of all the alphabet of the company name.


Real-Life Testimonies

Testimonies about SCWL Subliminal Programs

Hello Albert

Thank you — wow was it 9 years ago!

I remember I found the combination of Stopping Procrastination and overcoming Fear and Worry to have amazing results.

I have ordered some new CDs – and look forward to having them very soon.



I just wanted to share a story with you.
Back in 1981, I was dying of depression, then one day a psychologist friend called and said she had something she wanted me to try. I put the depression tape on and could feel a difference in 20 minutes. I lived with it on for a year. It changed my life. I subsequently bought 35 of your tapes. My children grew up with your Concentration, Taking tests, and others. I have used them for everything. I am still using many of the original tapes I bought back then and am going to expand my “box” soon as I can afford the Psychic and Astral tapes.

Thank you again, You made life so much easier.


Hello S.C.W.L The names is Kath, I have a testimonial. I used your tapes when I was 16 or 17 years old, I’m now 21. Growing up I was always extremely shy. My nickname growing up was ‘mouse’ as I was so quiet and never spoke. People knew me just as ‘that quite shy girl’ or ‘that girl who never speaks’ I couldn’t manage a simple conversation with anyone, without turning bright red. It was a horrible time in my life and I didn’t know how I would ever get through it, get to live a normal life, and become who I wanted to be. But One day I came across your catalog and literally my whole life changed. I brought 2 tapes from you ‘overcoming shyness’ and ‘the best in you’. I can’t even tell you how much of a huge impact your tapes gave me. After listening to your tapes I took up acting and dancing, something I always loved but was never able to do as I was too shy. Now as an actor and a dancer I got to achieve my lifelong dream of being in TV commercials, movies, and TV shows. I’ve done many performances since, but one main goal I’m most proud of is I had the chance to be a dancer in a huge sports event, in our hometown Superdome in front of millions of people and broadcast across the world on TV. It was an amazing accomplishment! People now describe me as ‘everyone’s best friend’ as I’m so bubbly, happy, and outgoing. Along with achieving all my dreams I’ve now become the person I’ve always wanted to be. And I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten to this point in my life without your tapes. You made all my dreams come true! I’m excited about what tomorrow can bring. Thanks to you, I now know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Anything is possible. From the bottom of my heart

Thank you


Thanks, Albert,

I appreciate it. I will be buying more CDs from you in the near future. I bought my first SCWL tapes in the 80’s when I was in the Criminal Justice field and found they really work. Of course, there were the people who said it is “mind control”, like something out of the old movies, ha-ha, but I have gotten nothing but positive results. Hope all is well with you today.

Kindest regards,



Thank you for the email with suggestions to make them work well. I got the Family Development Through Love, Harmony, and Respect one for my daughter 2 year old toddler. He was very mean and unpleasant from birth. She has been using it at least 4 times a day for a month and he has turned into a sweet pleasant friendly kid. He doesn’t try to hurt anyone anymore. How Nice,

Thank you again,

Danae H



I Have had great success with SCWL CDs.



I have been listening to SCWL Subliminal Programs since 1983. My favorite is Setting and Achieving Positive Goals.
I am Grateful.




Great, it’s good to hear from you, the programs work great. I myself had to cut back on listening to the goal-setting CD when my 5 and 6-year-olds would come around. They would wake up at 1:00 in the morning to play video games, and they were setting goals on how far they could get, and when school time came around they were so tired. But the good news is my 12-year-old has already mapped out what she wants to learn in school, what college to go to, and what she wants to be.

New York


I didn’t know what an important day in my life was when I met Dr. Hodson at a trade fair and bought an scwl tape, 10yrs later it was to be a lifesaver and now I have found you on the web,

God Bless you all at SCWL



Pros and Cons of subliminal Programs

The benefit of using SCWL subliminal programs is that it becomes possible to reach and obtain the goal or goals that the listener has chosen from the library of extensive programs to change their Life. Users use the subliminal programs to get the thing that is not possible to get by simply wishing but by changing the behaviors and mental programming acquired throughout their lives.

On the other hand, some side effects of subliminal programs for First-time subconscious listeners may feel slight shuddering, warmth, distress, newness, or wateriness (in the eyes).

Some programming may be buried deep in your mind, habits daily rituals that your mind might want to keep the negative programming by striking back by focusing on other behaviors, shortcomings, or harmful behaviors and sickness.

Continue listening and taking brief breaks between playing programs. Please pay close attention to the thoughts and feelings that present themselves.

These programs will change your thoughts with embedded subliminal messages transforming you with positive thoughts and actions.

Several years ago, Photosensitive epilepsy triggered seizures by flashing lights or contrasting light and dark patterns. You should discontinue use if this occurs.