About the Mind

Your Subconscious Mind is your storehouse of knowledge and knows only how to answer yes, to every command you give it. Using the vast amount of information you have gathered throughout your life, you send a picture to the subconscious mind to pick up the glass and drink the water, put the glass down, and every time you ask it to, it will do it. It follows out the order you give it without question, never refusing to act or giving no as the reply and always using the information you have gathered to perform each task. 

But could the information within your mind be holding you back? Perhaps you have made plans that you were sure would be successful, or you would achieve something great, but for some reason, you could not reach that goal. 

Our Subconscious is also home to what we believe. What you believe about success and what you want to achieve is recorded in your Subconscious. We all had times when we failed to achieve our dreams, and what did you tell yourself when this happened, the negative thoughts and feelings stored in your Subconscious or inner mind.

It would be great to be rich, but I am not sure that’s for me. I’m too tired to work today, or I’ll stop smoking tomorrow. If I could only do it this way, or maybe I should have done that differently. Those negative thoughts and feelings are stored in your Subconscious. You remember them also when you go to perform a specific task, so when you need to take action, you remember your last thoughts and feeling associated with that action. Your mind makes the decision based on the thoughts and feelings from the past and imagines what the outcome will be in the future, and the decision to take the necessary action in the present is made based on what is presumed to be true even if it is not. The activities that come from these decisions will become nothing more than excuses, which we repeat to ourselves in our mind over and over again.

The person that we have become is based on all the information stored in our mind, both good and bad experiences, our thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, and excuses, and those are the things we keep telling ourselves. They define who we are. If they are negative, they can become blocks to our success, and positive thoughts give us the freedom to express the person we are and want to become.   

We can not shield ourselves from all the negative things that happen in our lives, but we can perceive growth, learning, and training within.