List for Success

SCWL - Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning

Recommendations for success with SCWL subliminal programs.

1) “A MUST”-Write down your goal (what you expect to achieve) with each SCWL program.

2) Listen to your CDs as often as possible using normal low volume. “Each time you listen to the CD your Habit becomes weaker!!! “
3) Effective results are obtained with any CD player; however, an auto replay player is ideal for your listening ease.
4) The great thing about SCWL programs is that they work while your conscious mind is active reading, watching TV, working on hobbies, etc.
5) use the action-oriented programs in the morning and afternoon. Use the relaxation programs in the evening.
6) Listen consistently on a daily basis and allow yourself a minimum of 21 days to achieve your desired results.
7) When you reach your goals, continue listening to your programs occasionally for reinforcement.

Excellent for children - use your discretion.

All SCWL scripts are approved by the STI board of doctors.

The SCWL technique has proven to be effective through years of continuous research studies and testing.

SCWL - Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning

Not recommended for use while in a moving vehicle.