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This is a six-CD Series aimed at building your athletic abilities.

#12 Total Concentration – This program is keyed specifically to bring together all of your thoughts, efforts, experience, and knowledge, whenever needed and on command to use at any time and move you in your desired direction…

#18 Superstar Performance – This SCWL program is geared to improving your athletic ability at any level. In addition to conventional techniques, this program uses timing, breathing, and concentration, as well as exercise, performance, and competition to release your ultimate potential. Athletic ability is not just a physical element; it’s also a mental focus on your ability to perform at a higher level. You will gain a mental edge in your sport when you use this program for increased performance.

#45 Body Toning Thru Imagery – Use the Power of Your Mind to achieve the body you wish to have by using the power of “Mental Imagery,” which is the greatest power in the universe. If you see it in your mind, you will manifest it in your body…

#46 Achievement Endurance – Play this one anytime, during exercises, doing work around your home, or while you are at work. These subliminal messages will get you motivated throughout your day.

#47 Developing Winners Attitude – Developing a Winner’s Attitude was designed to create that willing feeling. When you decide to be a winner, it will automatically fall into place.

#48 Reaching the Top – Having the knowledge, ability, and experience combined with an inner drive to reach the top will put you there because what you think about, you become! This is the absolute program to get you where you want to be!!!..

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