Attract Money Series – 4 CD Set 14-16-405-523

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This is a four-CD series Designed to help you attract money into your life!

#14 Stop Procrastination – Get more done in less time, be more productive and finally beat the procrastination menace, even if you’ve tried everything else! Stop because you no longer need to say to yourself, “Why should I do today what I can put off until tomorrow!” Put this program to work for you and watch what happens.

#16 Think Yourself to Riches –Many companies focus their primary internal goals focusing on Cost, Quality Service, and People. However, riches are available in many forms. Money, amazingly enough, is not close to #1. Self-esteem is more important than money.

#405 Prosperity Consciousness – Key phrases to this program relate to having only positive thoughts and emotions about Prosperity. Being in control of your attitudes about wealth and success, opening your life to accepting, receiving, deserving, and believing you are worthy, giving yourself permission to succeed and obtain wealth, accepting and appreciating your true worth, forgiving yourself and others for any negative beliefs and memories you carry regarding wealth and money.

#523 Attracting Money – Bring money to you, Attract it, have, and Accept it. This program brings prosperous thinking to everyone who listens to it. It was designed to heighten acceptance of abundance being a natural state of the universe. In addition, this program encourages prosperous thinking.

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