Family Development Series – Set of 6 CD’s 5-9-26-40-61-62

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This is a six-CD Series aimed at building and increasing family togetherness and unity.

#5 The Best in You! –  When it comes to personal achievement, your own opinion of yourself is paramount. Your ability to accept who you are, your opinions about yourself, and simply being comfortable in your own skin and the best person you can be are crucial components to a healthy, happy life.

#9 The Joy of Life – One of the best things you can do is create and maintain a positive, happy attitude about your life. We need to look for the good in all situations and to eliminate the negatives from your life.

#26 Get High on Life – Life is great, and living should be enjoyable. You will start to feel good every day, doing things to help yourself and looking for the wonders life has to offer, with renewed energy and confidence to handle the ups and downs with more ease and grace.

#40 Exercise Patients and Understanding – Do you get excited easily? Do you fly off the handle once in a while? Is frustration a problem? Do you have a low tolerance level? Get a handle on these health-hindering emotions with this SCWL program which offers you inner peace and calm to put you in control…

#61 Feeling Love, Giving Love – “Love makes the world go round.” It was meant to be our greatest, most powerful emotion. This scripting emphasizes the ability to love others by first loving yourself. Before you can give something away, you must own or possess it, and such is love…

#62 Family Development through Love, Harmony, and Respect – Create a blended level of peace, love, and tranquility that will foster complete harmony between parents and children. This is truly a must for building the family unit with mutual love and respect…

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