Financial Prosperity Series – Set of 6 CD’s 11-16-17-30-32-37


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Financial Prosperity Series CD’s

#11 Success Motivation – CD – MOTIVATION – A feeling of desire makes you do something to Take Action.

SUCCESS – The result that was hoped for.

SUCCESS MOTIVATION – Achieving the desired result through an initial feeling or desire to do something by taking Action.

What motivates you to be successful?

#16 Think Yourself to Riches – CD – Many companies focus their primary internal goals on Cost, Quality Service, and People.
Riches are available in many forms. Money, amazingly enough, is not close to #1. Self-esteem is more important than money.

#17 “I can and I Will” for Sales – CD – This SCWL Program was designed to help you through the selling process — from gaining the interest of your prospect to creating a desire to closing the sale…

#30 Self Confidence – CD – The word is a powerful one. Self-Confidence is a belief in abilities, qualities, and judgment of oneself. They are aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations and feel complete and at peace within.

#32 Setting Goals – CD –Start setting and Achieving your Goals Now! Setting goals is the first step to success; either you fail to plan or you plan to fail. Your entire life is centered around goal setting. Don’t go through life without a map (plan), be inspired while you set your goals and build your plan.

#37 Meditation – CD – Meditation is an important key to putting your life in proper perspective or centering yourself. With meditation, you can release universal energy for health and prosperity. This SCWL program keys on love, inner peace, and understanding.

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