Golfing 5 CD Bundle

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Golfing 5 CD Bundle

The Golfing 5 CD Bundle includes five programs aimed at helping golfers of all levels improve their game. Visualize Your Game helps golfers mentally prepare for each shot, allowing their minds to work harmoniously with their bodies. Perfect Concentration teaches the golfer to focus on each shot, blocking out distractions to improve their overall concentration. Mastering the Short Game helps golfers to have a consistent and effective short game, including a well-set-up position and a consistent pre-shot routine. Focusing on the Target teaches golfers to focus on their target, block out distractions, and visualize the ball flying toward the target. Achieving the Athletic Zone in Golf helps golfers reach and maintain intense focus and concentration throughout their game, using relaxation and breathing techniques. With these five programs, golfers can improve their game and lower their scores on the course.

  • 49 – Golf / Visualize Your Game – Everyone can remember some of their most incredible golf shots. Do it once, and you can do it every time. By allowing your mind to work in total harmony with your body, your game will go on the upswing as you visualize success with the execution of every shot.
  • 50 – Golf / Perfect Concentration – Great golfers credit their concentration ability. Sharpen your ability to concentrate and perfect, blocking out distractions. Lower your scores by focusing concentration on every shot.
  • 415 – Golf / Mastering the Short Game – Have a consistently sharp short game; always get up and down. Set up well every time; eyes over the ball line; left eye over the ball. Have a consistent pre-shot routine. Handle pressure, hole on the high side. Scripted by P.G.A. Pro, Dr. Matt Mitchell.
  • 476 – Golf / Focusing on the Target – The great players have developed the ability to focus on their target. They have learned to block out distractions. They visualize the ball flying to their target. They expect shots to go to their target. Their ultimate target is the hole in the green
  • 526 – Achieving the Athletic Zone in Golf  – Reach and maintain the “zone,” that wonderful place of perfection in your mind. You’ll achieve intense focus and concentration from the first shot through the final putt. There are Relaxation and breathing techniques addressed in this program.

Use all of these subliminal programs to improve your game of golf. Visit the main Golfing Category page for more information about each of these programs.


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