Patriotism 101


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Patriotism 101

Patriotism 101

Patriotism 101 is essential today, especially if you’re a parent with a child in school or who has recently graduated and living at home. You are lucky you found this page. As a parent myself, I was also worried about what my children were learning in school, with everything that has been reported in the news and the discoveries that have come forth [to light] showing that our schools are full of corruption and have an agenda to brainwash our children with ideas that don’t follow our high standards of learning and reading writing arithmetic and teaching of our true American history, civic’s or how our constitution works or the benefits that we have from it.

Patriotism is a vital value that every parent should teach their children. At Liberty’s Voice, we have seen what is happening in our schools and are taking action with the team’s help at SCWL Subliminal Programs. We have created a program that will help you fight against this tyranny.

Our subliminal program is designed to change negative programming and reinforce positive beliefs about America. We understand the importance of maintaining our nation’s values and teaching our children the truth about our history, Civics, and our Constitution.

The positive affirmations in our program will help you win the battle against the false teachings your children may receive in school. Whether it’s critical race theory, gender identity indoctrination, or a misguided notion to hate America, our subliminal program can aid in transforming your child’s thinking positively.

As a parent, you are lucky to have found our page, as we are committed to providing you with the tools you need to teach your children patriotism. Our program is the perfect solution for parents concerned about our schools’ negative influences.

Take control of your thoughts today, and witness the positive changes that come with instilling patriotism in your children. With Liberty’s Voice and the SCWL Subliminal Programs team, you can rest assured that you giving your child with the knowledge and values necessary to become a true patriot.

Patriotism 101 subliminal program is a powerful tool that can help you fight against the tyranny in our schools and instill patriotism in your children.  Ensure that you gain access to the resources you need to teach your children the truth about America. Join us today and take the first step towards a brighter future for our nation.



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