Personal Growth Series 6 CD Bundle 14-15-31-33-58-69

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This is a six-CD Series that will speed up your Personal Growth.

#14 Stop Procrastination –
Get more done in less time, be more productive and finally beat the procrastination menace, even if you’ve tried everything else! Stop because you no longer need to say to yourself, “Why should I do today what I can put off until tomorrow!” Put this program to work for you and watch what happens.

#15 Develop Your Creativity – Don’t limit your thinking. Your potential is unlimited. Everything in this world was once only an idea, cars, planes, spaceships, lights, telephones…

#31 Elevate Your Self Image – This SCWL program on Self-Image puts affirmations into the subconscious mind, which allow you to imagine yourself vividly as you desire to be with a clear mental picture. Your mind will open to creative images, to achieving and enjoying. Your personal desires will become a reality. Your mind’s eye picture will change as you choose.

#33 Power of Positive Thinking – 

#58 Decision Making for Success – Our entire life is making choices, each requiring a decision. Literally program your mind toward making successful, positive decisions. This SCWL Program gives you information to help you become a successful decision-maker…

#69 Organizing Your Time.- Get your time Organized, create a schedule, plan,

  1. Prepare a schedule listing out what tasks and goals that you have to work on.
  2. Correctly set your goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  3. Prioritize tasks based on importance,
  4. Make sure that your to-do list includes steps to completing your goals
  5. Take breaks between tasks.
  6. Remove tasks/activities/goals that are not essential. Avoid wasting time on tasks that are not relevant to your plan.

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