Trap Shooting for Singles Subliminal CD

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Elevate your trap shooting skills with the Trap Shooting for Singles Subliminal CD. Achieve precision and consistency while sharpening your mental game. Seek a mentor for guidance. Practice consistently to refine your skills. Set clear goals and track your progress. Elevate your trap shooting with the Subliminal CD. Aim for greatness!

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Sport shooting
Sport shooting

Trap Shooting for Singles Subliminal CD

The Trap Shooting for Singles subliminal CD will help you focus on hitting the target every time. Use this program while you practice Trap Shooting for maximum results.

Track Your Progress

*Note: For competitive Shooting, you should track your performance, build a list of what areas to track, and note your performance (how you are doing). Then, with practice and listening to this subliminal program, you will build your skills and measure your Results!

Understanding Trap Shooting

Trap shooting is a shotgun sport where at least one clay target (sometimes a pair of clays) is launched from the trap house, and the shooter shoots in turn. The shooter stands with his or her back to the trap house and tries to shoot down each released clay pigeon.

A round of traps consists of 25 targets, which may vary depending on time constraints. For example, if a competition has 100 competitors and competes for 2 hours, there will be 50 rounds with 25 targets per round; if it is only 1 hour, there will be 25 rounds with 25 targets per round. The first target thrown is called “the bird.”

The Origin of Trap Shooting

The modern game originated in America as an offshoot of live bird shooting. It was invented by Daniel MacMillan in 1879 at his home near Montrose, Pennsylvania. where he lived close to hunting grounds that were uninhabited due to a lack of game birds such as pheasants or grouse.

He began experimenting with various live captive birds before settling on locally made clay pigeons. He packed wet clay into wooden molds shaped like fat doves or skinny chickens according to the size needed for the various ranges around his property.

The Influence of Daniel MacMillan

He wrote Trap Shooting for Singles, one of the most influential books on shooting sports. Daniel MacMillan died at age 96 on November 27th, 1944, at his home in Ottawa. A book written by Daniel MacMillan became one of the most influential books on shooting sports after he immigrated to Canada from Scotland to start his kennels near Ottawa.

The book he wrote is called “Trap Shooting for Singles,” It was published by D’Amermanns Publishing Company Limited in 1879, with five editions printed before 1890.

A Comprehensive Resource

Trap Shooting for Singles by MacMillan has been a classic in shooting sports since its publication in 1940. (Out of Publication) It is considered one of the most complete and authoritative texts on shotgun sport shooting. This book covers equipment selection, setup, operation, scoring, care and maintenance, tournament competition rules, safety rules, and game strategies for singles trap shooting.

Mastering Trap Shooting

Some people find this game boring, while others find it challenging and exhilarating. Shooting traps for singles is a competitive shooting activity that requires shooters to shoot at a target; it is important to focus on hitting the target every time so as not to miss and waste rounds.

If the shooter misses, they will have to wait until the round changes before they can try again, even if they are ready; shooting fast will also result in more points being scored because it reduces the time used up by waiting between shots.

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Start Improving Today!

Act now and improve your skills at trap shooting

Seek Expert Guidance

To excel in Trap Shooting for Singles, seek a coach or mentor who can provide valuable insights and guidance. Their experience can accelerate your progress.

Consistent Practice Matters

Consistent practice is key to improving your trap shooting skills. Dedicate regular time to hone your abilities, focusing on accuracy and consistency in your shots.

Set Clear Goals

Setting specific, achievable goals is essential. Define your targets, whether hitting a certain percentage of clay targets or improving overall accuracy. Goals provide motivation.

Track Your Progress

Regularly track your performance and progress. Keep a record of your shooting sessions, noting areas where you excel and need improvement. This data helps you identify areas to focus on.

Embrace Subliminal Support

Combine your practice regimen with the Trap Shooting for Singles Subliminal CD. The subliminal program will complement your efforts by reinforcing a positive mindset and mental resilience, enhancing your trap-shooting abilities.



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