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Weight Loss Subliminal CDs

Weight Loss Subliminal CDs 3 Pack Bundle contains Weight Loss CD 1, Stopping Procrastination CD 14, and Setting and Achieving Positive Goals CD 32.

#1 Weight Loss – You have just found the easiest way to lose weight; place this CD into your player to change your thoughts and habits related to your weight. It doesn’t matter if you need to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or more. The solution is here; you don’t need to buy diet pills, listen to radio ads, or watch TV infomercials.


#14 Stopping Procrastination – Stop; you no longer need to say to yourself, “Why should I do today what I can put off until tomorrow!” Get more done in less time, be more productive and finally beat the procrastination menace, even if you’ve tried everything else! Put this program to work for you and watch what happens.


#32 Setting and Achieving Positive Goals – Setting goals is the first step to success; either you fail to plan, or you plan to fail. Realize your entire life has goal setting designed to create action in your life. Don’t go through life being tossed around by the wind and waves, unable to steer a course for any destination arriving by chance where you may. Choose your path, destination, and experiences that you want to have. Start now to develop a plan to achieve your goals. Discover how to set goals that work. Understand how to establish and maintain the discipline necessary to accomplish your goals

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