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This is the story of my journey into the world of subliminal messages and programs.
Subliminal messages and programs and their effect on my life

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I was about 9 or 10 years old when I first heard about subliminal messages. My dad took me downtown to visit my uncle, and as we rode up in the elevator, he said, “Do you hear that elevator music? It has special messages that will put thoughts into your mind.” And then, when I was in high school, we would talk about the music played in Department stores and Malls. In 1985 I was introduced to SCWL tapes. A friend came over with a Subliminal Tape, “Stop Procrastination,” and we put it in the tape player and pressed play. When it was nearly over, my wife came into the room with a plate of brownies and said, “I was thinking of making these all day.” After this, I was hooked on Subliminal Programs.

Soon afterward, I met an SCWL distributor who decided to retire, and he sold me his entire inventory. Then when eBay started, I began to sell online, then. In 2004 the website was born ‘SCWLSubliminalPrograms.com,” and we have been online ever since. There have been several times when there have been trials that seemed almost too tough to take, and letting everything go seemed like the best option, but when I face these tough challenges, I remember a phrase that one of my coaches said

“God has given you a gift to help people change their lives, so go out and help them with that change.”

As a researcher in the field of subliminal programming, I have spent many years studying how subliminal programs can improve individuals’ lives. From personal development to behavioral modification, stress relief to goal setting, and healing to increased creativity, subliminal programs have been proven to be effective tools for helping people to achieve their goals and make the best choices in life. In particular, the use of subliminal programs for personal development, such as increasing self-esteem and improving mental focus and concentration, has shown to be effective. Through my research, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact that subliminal programming can have on people’s lives. I am excited to continue exploring this fascinating and powerful tool for self-improvement.

Since 1979 Midwest Research has produced SCWL (Subconscious to Conscious with Learning) Tapes and CDs. With the assistance of a team of doctors, SCWL Subliminal Programs came about first by putting together the scripts of positive affirmations. These programs have changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and continue to influence their lives positively. SCWL Subliminal Programs will continue to help change people’s lives worldwide and offer the best subliminal products at the best price. By simply putting the CD in your player, pressing the repeat button then pressing play, you begin to change your life with positive, successful affirmations easily. Our passion is to help everyone change their life; better thinking makes a better life.

Stop Procrastination CD Number 14

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