Claustrophobia Subliminal CD


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Claustrophobia Subliminal CD

Midwest Research wrote this Claustrophobia Subliminal CD  to help those who suffer from claustrophobia cope with their anxiety by gradually introducing them to small spaces to work up the courage to face them head-on.

Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder in which a person fears being in a small place or enclosed space with no way to escape. Claustrophobia can result from any situation where one feels trapped, whether in an elevator, on public transportation, or at home. Treatment usually involves therapy and counseling to help people deal with their fears.

The best way to avoid claustrophobia may vary from person to person. However, some suggested ways to prevent claustrophobia include exposure therapy (gradually exposing oneself to increasingly tricky situations), cognitive behavioral therapy (identifying and changing negative thought patterns), and medication (such as beta-blockers or antidepressants). Speaking with a mental health professional to find the right treatment plan for you is essential.

Clinical studies have shown that behavior therapy, medication, or a combination can effectively treat claustrophobia. The most common and effective treatment for claustrophobia is exposure therapy. A person who lives exposed to situations that trigger their fear starts with less anxietyinducing situations and works up to the most feared encounter. Treatments for claustrophobia include cognitivebehavioral therapy, a program that helps people change how they think about and react to their fear. Medication can physically help reduce anxiety and fear.

Sometimes people living with claustrophobia will seek preventative measures to ward off symptoms in the event of a panic attack. One such measure is a Claustrophobia Subliminal CD, which can be listened to before entering an enclosed space. These recordings are purported to send calming messages directly into the subconscious mind and have been shown in some studies to reduce anxiety and fear even when not listening.

This Claustrophobia Subliminal CD will help you get in control; take charge of your life.

Claustrophobia is an abnormal fear of being confined or being enclosed — fear that creates a reaction that can be so severe that it causes panic. Since two people can be in the same place and one has claustrophobia, the other respond’s without; it is a mental problem. A certain amount of fear is good and not good when it is too much—this SCWL subliminal program with the positive affirmations needed to put you in control. You will choose not to be afraid of being closed in, be comfortable in those places, be confident, remove fears from your mind, and have faith in yourself to gain control over your worries.

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