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Loving Relationships 6  CD Series

#6 Loving Relationships: CD – This program is designed to create and enhance your normal and natural feelings with sex, giving you heightened, more profound sexual feelings and desires and arousing your internal sensations, which can make for a more complete, satisfying experience as you create a romantic mood listening to the ocean waves with your partner. This program can help enhance your relationship and relieve tension as you experience mutual benefits with your partner.

#13 Overcoming Shyness: CD – Shyness keeps many potentially successful people from achieving their desires. This SCWL program creates the concepts in the subconscious mind that help to create a likable person. You will become the person that likes being around other people, likes speaking in groups, likes being outgoing – one that makes friends easily. This program will aid in producing a personable, funny personality. Basically, it creates a genuine interest in other people and combats shyness.

#19 Mutual Sexual Satisfaction: CD – Satisfy your partner’s Intimate desires, needs, and wants.

#21 Deep Relaxation: CD – Relaxing, breathing, letting go of tension, gentle thoughts, being content is all part of this technique. Get the Rest that you need to be alert and focused on the more important things in life. To relax means rest from work or effort, loosen up, or become less firm and tense. Quiet times, hobbies, fishing, golf, meditation are all methods to relax one’s mind. Relaxing, breathing, letting go of tension, gentle thoughts, being content are all part of this technique. Many people have reported that it is very effective when used at bedtime with hyperactive children. You can use the program at the end of the day rather than at the beginning. Noticeable results tend to occur fairly rapidly.

#41 Confidence w/Opposite Sex: CD – Meeting people can be a real challenge. Getting involved in meaningful relationships can be difficult. Simply communicating with members of the opposite sex can be a problem for some people. This program is designed to create within you confidence about meeting people. Making choices, you choose to make and desiring and finding new relationships.

#65 Relieving Anxiety: CD – This SCWL program on Anxiety was designed to help control anxiety symptoms. Bringing about a calm, relaxed, anxiety-free condition and seeing oneself as a calm, relaxed person who controls excitement and pressure situations are key points of this program. In addition, it promotes regular exercise, instills confidence in making decisions, and builds a positive attitude about being a happy, healthful, relaxed person who is in control.

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