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Smoking Cigarettes
Smoking Cigarettes

Stop Smoking Subliminal CD

Stop Smoking Subliminal CD is a CD that contains subliminal messages that help you to stop smoking by influencing the subconscious or subliminal mind.

One of the most popular ways to quit smoking is by listening to a Subliminal Stop Smoking CD. This CD will allow you to hear the soothing sounds of ocean waves that mask the encouraging statements and powerful affirmations that will help you break your dependency on nicotine. The subliminal messages are recorded subliminally beneath the conscious audio threshold. Ocean waves are the background sound, so they are not apparent to your conscious mind, allowing your subconscious mind to process the subliminal messages without consciously realizing it. Once the subliminal messages are processed, they will gradually replace any desire for cigarettes with an increased desire for positive lifestyle changes.

The habit of smoking is an acquired pattern of action that is automatic and thus difficult to break. There must be a conscious desire to achieve anything before the subconscious supplies the information required for you to change or break a habit. Combining your desire to change with subconscious programming eliminates the urge to smoke, and quitting is achievable. The Stop Smoking Subliminal CD will help make the behavioral transition as easy as possible. The Subliminal Stop Smoking CD program contains content that deals with those things that cigarettes can rob from you.

Another Great subliminal CD is the Controlled Smoking Subliminal CD #22

Other SCWL programs for use with this Technique are programs Better Health through Positive Thinking Subliminal CD #10 and Psychoneuroimmunology Subliminal CD #64.

Informational note – Because subliminal programs create a conscious/subconscious conflict, starting off listening 1 or 2 times per day, listening hour after hour in some rare cases, can result in minor headaches or nausea, which may develop due to the conscious/subconscious conflict. They tend to subside in a short time.

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