Baseball Fielding Subliminal CD


Master the art of defense in baseball. With focused strategies and teamwork, players effortlessly catch pitches, tag out runners, and dominate the field. The future of baseball is sharper and smarter.

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Catching the Ball
Fielding the Ball

Baseball Fielding Subliminal CD

Your Fielding Potential

The affirmations in the Baseball Fielding Subliminal CD will focus on your ability to know in advance the action to take when the ball is hit, following the batted ball until it is in your glove, and positioning yourself to throw while catching is three of the areas this program deals with. You become a defensive ballplayer who plays with confidence and accuracy.

Understanding Baseball Fielding

A baseball player’s fielding is catching or retrieving a thrown ball. There are many different fielding positions, but most players specialize in one or two, and some are so skilled that they can play any position on the field. Baseball players use gloves to catch balls more easily and wear shin guards to protect their shins from hard grounders up the middle.

Preparing for the Ball

The first step in becoming a good fielder is knowing how you will react if the ball comes at you. Think about what would happen if your right (or left) hand received a throw.

What do you need to make an out? What if it’s your chest? Your knees? Your head? Once you know what needs protection, put on your appropriate gear: batting gloves for hands; knee pads for knees; helmet for the head; chest protector for the chest; shin guards for shins.

The next time a fly ball comes at you, no matter where it goes, remember which position requires which protection, and make sure you have them on!

Catcher's Responsibilities

The catcher should step back with their right foot and turn their body to face the ball. With the ball in hand, they should position it behind their body, ready to throw. They should then hop to get closer to the ball and make a quick throw with an arm motion straight from their shoulder or chest.

Strategies on the Field

Baseball on a field is usually near a bench where players sit when not playing the game. Each team has players near the home plate who play defense. They try to catch balls thrown by the other team.

The catcher catches the pitches and throws them back. If they can’t, they position the ball for defense..

This player also tries to disrupt batting attempts of the other team’s. Set by umpires (referees), catching any bunted balls which come within reach, tagging runners who have reached base legally so that they are out.

Calling balls and strikes on batted balls as necessary according to rules governing this aspect of gameplay, blocking pitches which come dangerously close in front of home plate during batting attempts called fouls.

Effective Communication

If a ball is hit to you, you should first look for the fielder that would be easiest to get.

If there’s no one in front of you, go for it! If someone is in front of you, call “mine!” and try to get them out. In the next step, if two or more players are around it, choose which player has less chance of catching it and take that one first.

You want to ensure that not everyone is trying to catch it before they abandon their pursuit.

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Transform Your Game

The Baseball Fielding Subliminal CD will make you a better player.

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