Controlled Drinking Subliminal CD


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Drinking with Friends
Drinking with Friends

Controlled Drinking Subliminal CD

If you need help, use the Controlled Drinking Subliminal CD as social drinking is fun, but it can be a slippery slope. Binge drinking or excessive drinking can lead to negative consequences such as alcohol poisoning, car accidents, and fights. It can also lead to longterm problems such as liver damage and addiction. If you drink, it is essential to do so responsibly.

Controlled drinking is a term used to describe the act of drinking alcohol in moderation (i.e., within safe limits). The goal of controlled drinking is to ensure that one does not drink or use more than what is healthy for them, as well as to prevent alcoholism from occurring. Steady drinkers usually do not experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop or reduce their intake or do not drink for a certain period. Persistent drinkers tend to live longer lives and experience fewer health problems than those who drink more heavily, so if you’re looking for another reason to start controlling your alcohol intake, this may be it! Some high-risk drinkers who have been diagnosed with an addiction can benefit from controlled drinking because they can limit their intake while still having an enjoyable social life.

The best way to control your drinking is to drink in moderation. Drinking in moderation means consuming less than the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ daily alcohol limits. That’s one drink per day for females, two per day for males, or 14 drinks per week for either gender. You can also use our Drink Checker Tool to calculate what these limits look like for you.

Many resources are available to help you take control of your drinking and get your life back on track. If you find that you can’t control your drinking, it may be time to ask for help. If you suspect that you are becoming more than just a social drinker and want to control your drinking, this SCWL program can help keep you from plunging into full-blown alcoholism.

This program offers breakthrough techniques and strategies to control excessive drinking—even in a social setting.

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