Creating Executive Success

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Creating Executive Success  

Creating Executive Success – – a six-CD set to create executive success CD numbers 12-48-57-63-70-71

Creating Executive Success Enhance your concentration skills and tap into your full potential with this subliminal CD series. Achieve your goals with focused effort.

#12 Total Concentration – We use only about 5 % of our brain. You can learn how to increase that amount by using your subconscious. This CD will help you develop the ability to avoid distractions and focus on your goals. This program is keyed to bring together your thoughts, efforts, experience, and knowledge whenever needed and on command to use at any time and move you in your desired direction…

#48 Reaching the Top –
Having the knowledge, ability, and experience combined with an inner drive to reach the top will put you there because what you think about, you become! This is the absolute program to get you where you want to be!!!

#57 Effective Speaking –
Whether speaking one-to-one or to a large group, this dynamic SCWL program will give you the poise and strong confidence as you speak with the grace of a seasoned diplomat.

#63 Personal Power Dynamics –
There is a power within everyone…the dynamic power of thought. Thoughts create everything. This SCWL program intends to create mental importance in your thinking, which functions like a magnet, attracting you to whatever you need to move.

#70 Enthusiasm –
Enthusiasm can be an activity or a subject that interests you and that you spend a lot of time on. Enthusiasm is a great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity that you like and enjoy or think is important. This subliminal program will give you more Enthusiasm just by listening. It will help you to become more Enthusiastic and show more Enthusiasm.

#71 Imagination, Teacher Inside –
Imagination is your gift to create and dream. It’s your gift that turns your dreams into reality. Imagine seeing your goals and ambitions moving closer daily to realizing your dreams. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge. Knowledge is limited, and Imagination encircles the world!”

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