Learning and Education Series



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Learning and Education Series 

Learning and Education Series – a 6 CD Set to assist you in maximizing your learning skills 4-34-35-36-59-60

Learning and Education Series Improves your memory, study habits, learning skills, reading speed, and retention ability.

#4 Increase Your Memory Power – Everything you experience through your five senses is stored in your subconscious mind. The mind stores information as images, pictures, concepts, processes, etc. All the learned knowledge and experiences you are exposed to, even your thoughts, add to these images, pictures, concepts, and ideas. The ability to recall this information is of major concern to each of us. Your memory of your knowledge and experiences is the groundwork for your future, so it is critical to keep this from degrading.

#34 Sharpening Learning Skills – Pick up on things quicker than ever by enhancing your mind’s ability to absorb, comprehend and retain information. This program was created to enhance academic confidence and spark interest in knowledge—leading educators designed this successful program.

#35 Improve Study Habits – If you have found studying more work than fun, this program greatly benefits you. Learning will become easier and faster, a gratifying experience.

#36 Passing Exam w/Flying Colors – Raise your grades by recalling information more easily in pressure situations when it counts! Taking exams can simply be reporting information you already know…

#59 Speed Reading – Dramatically increase your reading speed and comprehension! Part one is a relaxation technique and then a subliminal program. Part two is a reading exercise and then a subliminal program. Increase your reading speed by listening only for one hour a day.

#60 Reading with Retention – Capture your mind’s ability to read and retain information in ways you never thought possible! If you have ever started reading a book and while you are reading, you have taken a break, and when you start reading again, you have to re-read some of what you were reading because you forgot what you just read.

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