Masculinity Subliminal CD


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Self Confidence
Self Confidence

Masculinity Subliminal CD

The Masculinity Subliminal CD is written with positive affirmations to help men who may in some way be uncomfortable or perhaps lack self-confidence and self-image in their male role be more confident and radiate a stronger self image. The affirmations for your mind and body work together to keep a balance between them. Acceptance, enjoyment, and desire to allow their male personalities to shine; accepting healthy, normal male behavior, comfort in the male body. Connecting body and mind for complete masculinity, strengthening their male traits and etiquette related to the opposite sex. Affirmations encourage personal growth, confidence, and happiness.

Masculinity is the state of being male. It can also be described as the traits, behaviors, and qualities generally considered masculine. The term ‘masculinity’ is typically used in contrast with femininity, but since both genders are just as unique and diverse, there is no singular form of masculinity, and it is shaped by culture and social context.

“It is important for me to be confident in my masculinity as a male. People will avoid me if I feel like I am not masculine enough. It is also important for me to be confident in my masculinity because of the way society views men and masculinity.” This paragraph states how it’s important for a person to feel confident in their male role and how they need to have confidence in their masculinity because of societal views.

Be the guy who has been comfortable with himself and his masculinity. Be big and strong, so you know that people find you popular and attractive. Don’t feel you need to dress up to be masculine, so wear jeans and t-shirts. The only time when you don’t feel masculine is when people tell you what to do or how to act;

The daily use of the Masculinity Subliminal Programs CD will help build self-confidence and self-image.

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