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Real Estate Success Series

Real Estate Success Series – 10 CD Set CD Numbers 453-454-455-456-457-458-459-460-461-462 

Introducing the Real Estate Success Series – a collection of 10 subliminal programs designed to help real estate professionals achieve their goals and succeed in the industry.

453 Setting and Achieving Real-estate Goals is a must-have CD if you invest in real estate. Your entire life is centered on goal setting and achieving that goal. A goal is a plan.

454 Real Estate Organization – Organizing your time is vital to reaching your life’s goals, whether goal setting for business or pleasure. Time is one of our most precious commodities.

455 Telephone Power – Play this one anytime, during exercises, doing work around your home, or while at work. These subliminal messages will get you motivated throughout your day. Communicate effectively when you talk on the phone.

456 Referrals in Real Estate – Referral is the easiest and best source for leads in real estate. Everyone knows someone thinking about buying or selling real estate. Form the habit of asking everyone you meet for referrals.

457 Qualifying Buyers in Real Estate – Qualifying buyers are the greatest time-saver in the real estate business. Develop the ability to ask the questions that help you find the property your customer wants or needs.

458 Setting Appointments in Real Estate – The well-planned, organized real estate agent plans each week by setting aside the needed appointments and the times they choose to have them.

459 Listing Homes That Sell in Real Estate – The entire real estate profession has just two results for you, a listing or a sale.

460 Closing Real Estate Sales – Build the skill and confidence to close successfully every time. All your skills have put you in the closing situation.

461 Prospecting for Leads in Real Estate -This SCWL program promotes consistent, persistent, disciplined action toward prospecting for leads

462 Leadership in Real Estate Sales – A successful leader guides and directs people to accomplish a common goal while helping each person grow and develop personally.

The Real Estate Success Series will enhance your real estate business’s success by combining all our subliminal programs designed for real estate entrepreneurs. 

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