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Weight Loss Subliminal CD

With this SCWL Weight Loss Subliminal CD, you no longer need to ask yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight.”

Weight Loss Subliminal CD is the easiest way to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you need to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or more. The solution is here; you don’t need to buy diet pills, listen to radio ads, or watch and subscribe to TV infomercials. Just place this Subliminal Weight Loss CD into your player to change your thoughts and habits related to Your Weight.

Now you can use your subconscious mind’s power and control your weight.

As explained in a recent talk, one of our nation’s top motivational speakers said, “What you focus on is what you will get, for people who focus on weight are so focused that they can’t lose and maintain it.”

With the help of SCWL Subliminal Programs, you have the power to focus on things in life that matter to you, all the things you love to think, dream, and desire.

Your weight issue could result from a deeper, less obvious problem. Some problems causing weight gain are depression, anxiety, stress, tension, and low self-esteem. When you use willpower to cut calories and start exercising, the results are usually dramatic and short-lived. 95% of people who lose weight through willpower will regain their weight and more—not doing anything about the cause. The first step is reducing caloric intake, exercising, and continuing successfully. This program will instill beliefs in the subconscious regarding nutrition, exercise, eating habits, and new ideas regarding self-image, attitude, and confidence to achieve success. The subliminal messages will help reshape your ideas, thoughts, and notions about food and how it affects your body for lasting permanent weight management.

Change your thoughts and habits about Weight Control and Weight Loss. Midwest research of Michigan creates an I can attitude thru subliminal affirmations and scripts. Begin flattening your stomach with this SCWL subliminal cd can Erase, alter, and change the programming that has caused your weight gain.

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Are you ready to make a positive change and achieve your weight loss goals once and for all? Look no further! Our selection of powerful subliminal programs on CD is designed to support you on your weight loss journey, providing you with the tools and mindset needed to transform your body and life. Here is a list of some of the other programs that can assist you with weight loss.

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Any medical problems that may have caused you to gain excessive weight or health problems must be addressed first by consulting with your Doctor.

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1 review for Weight Loss Subliminal CD

  1. David G

    David G.

    Okay, it’s actually, you know, you is a great product, it’s really a great product. But you’re talking to a person who bought it, bought this tape, stopping procrastination tape in 1980, September for college. And it’s, and this is 41 years later, it still works. It’s all rubbed off. Everything is gone. You know, it’s just a blank tape. But it’s still it still works. The audio play is still clear, and I still use it 41 years later.

    But I found that I used to have the weight loss number one, and it got a deep scratch across or something, so it doesn’t work. So I wanted to get another one. And I mistakenly ordered item 530, and I really want this number 1 again. I want to get that back so that I can work with it. Okay, I really believe in a great product. I’m just like the lady in the review. I’ve gone elsewhere, and it doesn’t nearly work.

    Alright, very good. I’ll leave it at that. And again, great product, total, total testimonial here. Absolutely fantastic product. And I’ve tested it for over 41 years.

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