Think Yourself to Greater Riches


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Think Yourself to Greater Riches Subliminal CD
Think Yourself to Greater Riches Subliminal CD

Think Yourself to Greater Riches Subliminal CD

Many companies focus their primary internal goals focusing on Cost, Quality, Service, and People.

Think Yourself to Greater Riches Subliminal CD is incredibly effective in making lasting changes in your life. Simply playing the CD a few times a week, you can quickly and easily alter your inner thoughts and beliefs to create lasting change in your life. The affirmations in this subliminal program new, powerful, and productive ideas will enter your subconscious mind. Money, amazingly enough, is not close to #1. Self-esteem is more important than money.

Many people work for something other than money — Red Cross, Salvation Army, Chamber of Commerce, Olympic athletes, Jerry Lewis with Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, the Jaycees, and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Richness in life consists of many things. Your mind is your greatest asset. Its potential is unlimited. Use your subconscious mind to attract money into life. Think – Believe and Achieve. You can achieve anything you think of if you believe in yourself and your ideas. Your mind will help you to gain riches and will help you to attract good opportunities. Be positive, believe in yourself, and take advantage of opportunities. You will have whatever you think you will have. With the SCWL Think Yourself to Greater Riches program, you will find that you surround yourself with positive and successful energy. You will begin attracting riches because you have altered your belief system about money.

  1.  Listen to the CD once a day or as often as possible.
  2.  Keep a positive attitude while listening to the CD.
  3.  Believe that you can achieve greater riches by thinking positively.
  4.  Visualize yourself achieving your goals and obtaining wealth.
  5.  Take action towards your goals and persist even when things get tough.
  6.  Write down your goals, and keep track of your progress.

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