Prosperity Consciousness Subliminal CD

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Listen to the Prosperity Consciousness Subliminal CD, find a coach, and set tangible goals. As you track your performance, watch for a  shift towards abundance and success, aligning with your true potential.

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Prosperity Consciousness Subliminal CD

About Prosperity Consciousness Subliminal CD

The Prosperity Consciousness Subliminal CD has key affirmations of positive thoughts and emotions about prosperity. It’s about how you see wealth and success, understanding your worth, and embracing your right to prosperity.

Being in control of your attitudes about wealth and success opens your life to accepting, receiving, deserving, and believing you are worthy. Giving yourself permission to succeed and obtain wealth and appreciating your true worth.

Forgive yourself and others for your beliefs and memories regarding wealth, realizing it is your right to be wealthy, happy, and prosperous as a child of God. As a child of God, we accept our inheritance of all rights, privileges, and blessings of God’s riches.

As God supplies our every need, we are thankful for all our seen and unseen blessings and visualize phrases regarding success and wealth. God gave us dominion over our thoughts and decisions.

Focus on achieving positive goals and doing this with ‘faith’ rather than ‘expectation’ (remember how WE can limit ourselves!)—changing that old, warped record in our minds that keeps us where we are and limits where we can go only we can set limitations.

This program will assist you in making the shift from negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns. Using subliminal programs makes it easy…we play a new record. With new beliefs, our new thought patterns allow us to select new information to help us decide where we will go and how we will grow.

The Mindset of Prosperity

Prosperity  author John Randolph Price coined “Prosperity Consciousness.” It is about the conviction that through creative and positive thinking, success becomes attainable. This belief system aligns with the “law of attraction,” a principle asserting you magnetize what you dwell upon. The philosophy extends beyond the present, focusing on a life filled with positive experiences and the fruits of diligence.

Achieving Prosperity Consciousness

There are several ways to instill a prosperity mindset:

  • 1.) Reading Inspirational Books: Engaging with materials that emphasize prosperity.
  • 2.) Audio Programs: Listening to audio books, industry teachings or training and subliminal CDs with positive affirmations.
  • 3.) Spiritual Guidance: Sessions with spiritual teachers or mentors.
  • 4.) Professional Coaching: For tailored guidance, seek out a coach. Their expertise can offer direction, consistent practice techniques, and ways to set and track performance-based goals.
  • 5.) Visualization: Harnessing imagination and visualization skills.
  • 6.) Surroundings Matter: Enrich your environment with symbols of wealth, be it through association or luxurious spaces.
  • 7.) Focus on Opportunities: Always be attentive to potential chances of wealth.
  • 8.) Acknowledge Past Successes: Reflect on prior achievements, especially those hard-fought.
  • 9.) Future Planning: Keep an open mind and strategize on growing your net worth.

Shift from Scarcity to Abundance

Often, conversations around money veer towards scarcity. However, such a mindset can restrict one’s growth. This program is crafted to aid the transition from negative to positive thought processes. By regularly engaging with SCWL programs, you replace the old limiting beliefs with new, empowering narratives.

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Prosperity is more than just financial wealth; it’s a state of mind that requires commitment, dedication, and stability. By using tools like the Prosperity Consciousness CD and including effective practices, you’re on the path to an abundant life.

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